Friday, March 27, 2009

Quest for the Golden Chassis Part III

I feel a strange sense of calm right now, as though all is right in the world. At last my holy quest for the golden chassis is at an end.

It started many moons ago, before Christmas. At the time I mused that perhaps it had been an EmmalJunga stroller.

Then after a helpful suggestion from a reader, I thought perhaps it was a Mutsy, which did have some goldish colors (albeit not available in the US).

But guess what? And really, let's not even try to hide the fact that i am just bursting with pride because when I stopped to ask this lucky lucky mom what type of stroller she had, she.....said....

"It's an Emmaljunga."

So at last, the mystery is solved. And best of all I can prove to you the existence of the golden chassis because this mom not only spent several minutes telling me why she loved Emmaljunga (apparently it's very common in Sweden) she also tidied up the stroller and then let me take a picture!

Feast your eyes on the golden chassis:

In case you are wondering, the very special baby that gets to ride in this stroller was also super cute and wearing an adorable stripes onesie but I didn't want to totally frighten this nice woman by taking a picture not only of her stroller but also her baby, so you will have to envision the baby yourself using your imagination.

Now, if you'll excuse me I have to go buy myself a flight to Sweden, which I now envision to be a land of friendly moms, adorable babies, and delicious Emmaljunga strollers.

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