Tuesday, December 30, 2008

End of the Year Randomness

I've returned to you after a haze of holiday madness including much driving through various New England states to visit relatives. There is something that's been on my mind since before Christmas: a stroller with a gold chassis. Yes, gold. I spotted it in the mall but before I could make my way over to the mother and ask her just what stroller it was, she disappeared. Don't ask me how a woman with a gold stroller managed to "disappear"...it was pre Christmas and there were crowds. I hate crowds.

So since then I've been combing the Web trying to find this particular stroller. I don't think I've found it yet but I did find two really interesting strollers with gold frames! One is a gold lame Mamas and Papas stroller Gwen Stefani used for Kingston back in 2007. The other is a limited edition Maclaren Stroller.

But the stroller I spotted had a bassinet! So, faithful readers, I'm begging you: if you know anything about this mysterious stroller please share it with the (*cough*stroller obsessed support*cough*) group!

In other news, during my internet quest for the elusive gold chassis, I stumbled upon a Swedish stroller company that designs gorgeous prams. It's called Emmaljunga but, tragically, it's not available in the US (...yet). Still, if you love prams, feast your eyes on their site. They've got possibly my favorite video intro ever.

Actually, their video is probably only second to Bugaboo's promo video for the Bee Stroller in my heart (because if choreographed dance numbers involving hot guys, strollers, and adults dressed as trees and lamp posts is wrong then I just don't want to be right). To view the Bee's video, go to this link, select "Bugaboo Bee", then click on "Bugaboo Bee Film" on the right. Trust me, it's worth it.

And that wraps up 2008! I can't wait to see what fabulous strollers appear in 2009. Just rest assured I'll be blogging about them all--as soon as possible! Have a happy and healthy New Year, everyone!

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