Monday, February 23, 2009

Spider or Zapp??

I just got a great stroller question via Twitter: what stroller to choose--the Mutsy Spider or the Quinny Zapp?

My first thought was, "I want both of them!"

And then I thought about how both share a modern, minimal design and a super compact fold, which makes them great for parents on the go either in and out of the car or the airport. Both feature swiveling front wheels for easy cornering, too. Of course there are some qualities that set them apart. Let's look them over, shall we?

The Quinny Zapp:
The Zapp has one big advantage over the Spider: it can be used from birth. It doesn't have a full recline so you can only use it from birth with a car seat and the only car seat that's compatible with the Zapp is Maxi-Cosi's Infant Car Seat. In fact, the Zapp doesn't recline at all, which surprised me. It accomodates children from birth (with the car seat) up to 50 lbs. And it only weighs about 15 lbs, which is incredibly light and makes life on the go a lot more fun! It retails for $220 on

The Mutsy Spider:
I love the Spider's 3 wheeled design. Thanks to it's adjustable footrest and wide seat, toddlers have room to grow while staying comfortable. At 19.8 lbs it's also very light--though not quite as lightweight as the Zapp. Another nice feature is that the wide back wheels keep it from tipping over. Adjustable handlebars ensure both parents can push comfortably. The Spider accomodates children from 3 months up to 55 lbs. So you can't use it from birth but it does hold more weight than the Zapp. It's also much less money at just $150 on

As always, finding the perfect stroller comes down to your needs (I suggest picking 3 things you refuse to compromise on) and your budget. Keep sending me your stroller questions.

Happy Shopping and Happy Strolling!


candace said...

Thanks for the breakdown.. you really helped me make my decision ;)

Mother Goose said...

That's what I'm here for! I'm glad I could help : )