Monday, February 23, 2009

New Maclarens for 2009!

Get excited, everyone, because Maclaren has rolled out their 2009 strollers! That means new colors to drool over and some new features as well. I'll break it down for
you by model.

1. The Volo Stroller: Maclaren made a lot of improvements to the Volo this year. They added a foam handle for improved comfort. Now t buckle ring color coordinates with the seat fabric color for an even more stylish look. Plus they updated the curve of the hood. Also now choose silver frame to coordinate with silver components or the black frame to coordinate with black components. This year the colors are as bright and refreshing as popsicles in a rainbow of options the includes yellow (shown), orange, green, pink, and blue.

2. The Triumph Stroller: The Triumph has been given a larger hood that's easier to out on and take off. Foam handles increase comfort while pushing. The buckle ring color and woven contrast two-color harness add style. And best of all there's an argyle pattern in back! It comes in red, pink (shown), brown, gray, and blue.

3. The Quest Sport Stroller: The hood's gotten large
and easier to take on and off. The Quest Sport also has a hubcap design, which I assume refers to the cute stripe down the middle of the stroller that's inexplicably giving me Herbie flashbacks (Hey, who wouldn't want a stroller that reminds them of a Volkswagon??). The colors are stylish and sharp, ranging from grey and white (shown *love it*) to red and black.

What else is going on in Maclaren land, you ask? You'll have to check back here to get the rundown on the Quest Mod, Techno XT, and Techno XLR! While you're waiting, take a closer look at Maclaren's 2009 strollers at!


Stroller_Snob said...

I love that so many lines this year seem to be taking a chance on Yellow!

Mother Goose said...

Me too--it's my favorite color and I love how cheerful it looks even on a gloomy day.