Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Beauty of Binth

Okay, this is not stroller related but I hope you can forgive me!

I recently discovered (okay, my much cooler twin sis recently introduced me to) the beautiful, classic yet modern prints and products at Binth.

Their gorgeous Alphabet or Numbers Poster would look whimsical and stylish in any room, but especially in the nursery.

I also *love* the Binth Baby Book, which is entirely handmade. It features a subtly sweet woodland theme that's perfect for a boy or a girl. Designed to be used from birth through a child's third birthday, it even comes with its own keepsake box.

These products would make very special baby shower or birthday gifts. I can't get enough of Binth and I highly recommend checking them out!


Stroller_Snob said...

What a great line! It reminds me of Blue Art Studio (,) a site that I go to weekly... But can't decide which piece I like best! That Binth stationary is almost certain to get me in trouble... [Sigh...]

Mother Goose said...

That's a great site! Thanks for sharing. I can already see the alphabet poster in my sister's nursery some day...