Monday, November 3, 2008

Orbit Stroller Featured on "The Office"

The Orbit Stroller was featured in last week's episode of NBC's The Office! Jan brings her newborn into the office along with her super high tech, super expensive Orbit Stroller. Of course, Dwight is stunned by the price tag and decides to take it out for a test drive--with a watermelon, not the baby. You can see the clip here, as well as a deleted scene in which Dwight does everything to the stroller including running through his own makeshift obstacle course.

If you're not familiar with the Orbit, it's one of the most eye catching strollers on the market. Back in 2007, Patty at Celebrity Baby Blog summarized some of the Orbit's unconventional features (the seat rotates 360 degrees!) and speculated that it just might be the next Bugaboo.

Of course it's also very expensive--as Dwight aptly points out. But celebrity moms like Gwen Stefani, Maggie Gyllenhaal, and Nicole Richie are snapping this stroller up. So is this stroller all hype or the future of strollers--the "next Bugaboo" so to speak?

Then again, speculating on what the "next Bugaboo" is going to be seems about as futile as trying to guess which book series will be the "next Harry Potter."

What do you think?

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1 comment:

Stroller_Snob said...

"When's the baby going to come?"

Ha. I found this episode hilarious. Granted, I'm not a huge "The Office" watcher, but when I heard the Orbit was being featured, you bet I watched it. Dwight and his crash course with the stroller cracked me up - I wish they had shown the Orbit which he stealthily packed in the trunk before they drove off!