Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Footmuffs: For When The Weather Outside is Frightful

Maybe you're already getting snow where you live or you just know it's coming soon. In Boston it's been cold enough for me to wonder whether all the neighborhood kids will come trick-or-treating bundled up so that I can hardly tell what they are.

It's definitely time for big, warm coats and wool blankets...and stroller footmuffs!

Stroller Footmuffs are a wonderful invention. They keep your baby warm without restricting movement--minus the hassle of having to dredge that stroller blanket off of the slushy pavement every five minutes (yuck).

Footmuffs may be designed for use with particular strollers or for a variety of brands. Of course, if you're thinking of giving someone in your life a footmuff for the holidays (good idea!), you might want to stick with the kind that will work with many different strollers, unless you know what type of stroller they have. A Brooks Pond Perrenial Stroller Footmuff is one option I blogged about back in September.

If you're lucky enough to own a Stokke Xplory Stroller, then you can purchase one of my favorite stroller footmuffs. The Xplory Stroller Footmuff (shown) features a snug hood to keep baby extra warm and a split in the legs to give baby a little extra wiggle room. Plus, in typical Stokke style, the muff is fun and stylish with its modern, graphic pattern.

No matter what stroller you own or what style preference you have, I highly recommend getting a footmuff for your baby. Now if only they came in adult sizes...

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