Monday, November 10, 2008

Bugaboo May Have Some Competition...

Well my stroller envy poll has come to a close and it looks like Bugaboo isn't the only stroller brand making everyone weak in the knees. Not suprisingly Bugaboo's Cameleon still came in first with 27% of the votes. The futuristic Orbit tied with Bugaboo for first place! So maybe the Orbit really is the next Bugaboo as Patty predicted.

I'm surprised the Quinny didn't get more that 17% of the votes. I work in downtown Boston and the sidewalks are usually swarming with Bugaboos but I counted at least three Quinny Buzzes just during my lunch break! These strollers are getting more popular by the day!

I can't help but agree with anyone who voted for the Silver Cross pram. I've only ever seen it in baby boutique windows--never actually in use by a real parent and a real baby. Maybe you're not actually allowed to put real babies in them except for celebrity photoshoots. I've been known to shamelessly stand on the sidewalk with my face pressed against the glass, drooling.

Stokke's Xplory came in last with only 6% of the votes! I admit, I'm surprised, though I suppose someone always has to come in last. Still, the Xplory is almost as space-agey as the Orbit and I love that it's height keeps baby close. What made you snub the Xplory? Inquiring moms (and dads for that matter) want to know!


Stroller_Snob said...

Can I write a fill in vote? Long live the Mutsy 4Rider (Single Spoke)! What other stroller adjusts the depth of the seat while the child grows???

Mother Goose said...

Good point, Stroller Snob. The Mutsy 4Rider is a great stroller, too!

Mother Goose said...

Stroller Snob, just wanted to tell you that the Xplory also allows you to adjust the seat depth as the child grows.

No wonder I love both the Xplory and the 4Rider!