Thursday, June 25, 2009

Momma Blogga: Carter

The wonderful Mother Goose asked me many months ago to guest blog and write about some of my experiences being a new mom. As a proud member of the SOS, I was thrilled with the opportunity. My darling little girl (nicknamed Petunia Piglet) turned eight months old this Sunday and I decided it was high time to get my act together and come through on my promise to write a post.

And where better to start my introduction to the wonderful Stroller Patroller followers than with talking about my very favorite stroller? Although we have and have borrowed a number of strollers, my absolute favorite (and the one that is used the most) is the BOB Revolution jogging stroller. It is the be-all and end-all stroller for me.

My husband and I got it a couple months before the baby came and I was so infatuated and dying to use it that I *seriously* considered putting a small dog or stuffed animal in it to walk around the neighborhood! Alas, I came back to my senses and did not leave the house...

But once Petunia arrived, it only took about 3 days for us to load her into her car seat and take the BOB for a walk around the neighborhood using the car seat attachment. She was born in October so even through the winter, I would bundle her up in her car seat daily and attach it onto the stroller for walks and eventually, runs.

I found that one of the hard parts of becoming a new mom was feeling cut-off from my old life. The BOB let me easily get out of the house to not only see friends and do things, but just get some fresh air. It's amazing what a little bit of exercise and a shower can do for a sleep-deprived new mom (especially on the days when it feels insurmountable to even get out of bed). In the beginning, Petunia used to always fall asleep in the stroller which would get my the much-coveted shower as soon as we got back.

Eight months after first using the stroller, I still love it. Petunia is big enough to not be in an infant car seat anymore and loves looking around while I run with her. The large sun shade offers ample protection, the seat recline is easy to adjust, the stroller folds quite compactly for a jogging stroller(fits in the trunk of my sedan), and it is simple to adjust the front wheel to either be locked in place for rough terrain or swivel for pavement and in-town adventures. We also have the rain cover. It's a snap to put on--a great feature for drizzly mornings when I'm still desperate for a run but don't want to worry about Petunia getting wet.

Although there are so many strollers I still lust after for their great looks, the BOB really does do pretty much everything for me. And as my husband and I are both graduates of Virginia Tech, we love its bright orange color!

[Note from Mother Goose: for you tweeple out there, you can follow Carter @carterkidd!]

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Samantha @ Mama Notes said...

I have an Orange BOB that I LOVE for walks and running with my son!!