Thursday, April 16, 2009

Stroller Savings: Plan Ahead and Save!

We're all holding tight to our wallets these days and counting our spare change. So here's a deal you can smile about:

From now until June 15th, if you buy a Bugaboo Bee Stroller from you get a Bee Cocoon free!

The Bugaboo Bee is a stroller I love to look at. I'm actually shocked I haven't devoted an entire blog post to it before! It's a very eye catching stroller (especially in its signature yellow) and comes complete with the high standard and quality craftsmanship you'd expect from Bugaboo.

For parents on the go, especially urban moms and dads, this is a must have stroller!

Let's go over the essentials, shall we? It can be used from birth up to abbout 37.5 lbs. There is special padding on the sides to keep young children nice and snug (commonly referred to as the "baby taco"), which some parents don't like because they feel it restricts children as they get older. Other parents, however, love how it hugs the child and keeps him or her secure.

A fab feature of this stroller is the reversible seat. The seat also reclines to 4 positions and adjusts to fit your child. The adjustable handlebars keep you comfortable, too.

The Bee has great manueverability and can be folded easily with one hand. It's a mere 20" wide when unfolded and 17 lbs! With a carry handle, no Bugaboo Stroller is more portable than the Bee! It also includes a rain cover and sun canopy.

Still not convinced? You can read another in dept review from Bronwyn here, from Celebrity Baby Blog. And here's a fun post from Daddy Types from back when the Bee was still an infant in the stroller world. FYI you can still see the dancing stroller video. I talked about it in December and it's so worth it.

At $529, the Bee is an investment but it's loaded with features that you and your child will love. Plus, if you buy now from you can get a Bee Baby Cocoon (which retails for $100) for free! The Cocoon is a fleece lined footmuff designed to keep young babies warm and snug. It also ensures that babies have added head support. This is the perfect accessory for infants and makes a great gift for parents-to-bee (see what I did right there??)

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