Friday, February 27, 2009

New Maclarens for 2009 - Part II

Okay it's time to get back to Maclaren's 2009 strollers! I covered the Volo, Triumph, and Quest Sport already. Here's what I left out:

1. The Quest Mod Stroller: The first thing you'll probably notice about the 2009 Quest Mod Stroller is its fun new "Big Apple" pattern. I wish I had a close up image for you, but it's a modern, playful print that looks fantastic in every single color it comes in: Pink and Brown, Blue and Orange (my favorite!-Shown), Black and Green, and Green and Yellow. As expected based on the previous strollers, the hood is longer and larger for extra coverage, and is easier to take on and off.

2. The Techno XT Stroller: This stroller also has a new hood design: there are now air vents when it's fully open and it also has a larger viewing window. New elastisised pockets can hold the rain cover & mosquito net, which is so great when you're on the go. The stroller handles now have a nice, satin finish and the stroller also features a reflective hubcap design. Plus you can now choose from either a Charcoal Grey Stroller with Silver Frame or a Black Stroller with a sleak Black Frame (shown). Chic!

3. The Techno XLR Stroller: The most exciting update for this stroller is that it now has a one hand recline. The design has also gotten a little boost with a two tone harness and two new colors: Coffee Brown and Green, Charcoal Grey and Burnt Orange, and a very luxe looking Black and Champagne (Shown).

Take a look at all of these fab strollers at

Have a great weekend, everyone! Be sure to go out for a stroll with someone you love.

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