Monday, February 9, 2009

Are You in the Mood for Some Stokke News?

I promised you more Stokke news and here it is!

The new textile color and two new patterned accessory kits that Stokke rep Megan hinted at back in January are now available!

The textile is called Forest and comes in Forest Cream and Forest Olive. It's a layered pattern and hidden within it you'll find flowers, leaves, and even woodland animals like deer and birds. I *love* it in Forest Cream, which despite its name is dominated by blue and grey with white and red accents.

Forest Olive is much brighter with its citrusy orange, pink, yellow, and green. It's not for me, but then again I'm from New England and this print looks like it came from a distinctly tropical place. If I hailed from Florida I might feel differently.

The Accessory Kit comes in either Forest Cream or Forest Olive and includes a Canopy, Parasol, Diaper Wallet, and Bottle Bag. A Footmuff is available separately. The Mood line is the perfect way to mix and match your Xplory accessories for a customized look depending on the day...and your mood!

This would also make a fun gift for an Xplory Stroller owner (think Mother's Day, or for a baby shower if the mom-to-be has registered for an Xplory).

The Moods Accesory Kit, and Footmuff are available now at All Modern Baby!

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