Monday, February 9, 2009

Along Came the Spider...

Today I want to talk about Mutsy's Spider Stroller. It's been on my mind lately. Why? Well, because it has almost all of the characteristics that many of you have been asking me for in your stroller questions (keep them coming, by the way!).

I say "almost all" because it lacks one feature that many of you need: it doesn't accomodate infants. The seat does recline but not all the way down and it is not car seat compatible.

But for all the rest of you who don't need a stroller that can be used from birth, you should definitely take a look at this one! Consider this: it only weighs 19.8 lbs and has an extremely compact fold, which is easy to do. This makes it a great stroller for suburban parents who need a stroller that can fold, fit in the trunk, unfold and be ready to roll around town.

Wide set back wheels make this stroller sturdy and tip-proof, albeit slightly wider than some of its peers. The front wheel swivels to make cornering a breeze. And the handlebar is adjustable for short people like me and their much taller spouses. The wide seat and adjustable footrest also ensure that growing toddlers can sit comfortably.

Plus, for those of you who like your stroller to stand out, this one is sure to get lots of attention. It's got a really unique, futuristic look.

The Spider Stroller is officially the only (yes, I mean only--even Charlotte didn't win me over) spider that I like!

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