Friday, January 30, 2009

Some Money Saving Stroller Tips

Everyone's feeling the pinch these days so I thought I'd give you stroller shoppers a couple of money-saving tips.

1. No, you don't need a stroller bassinet/carrycot for your newborn.

Rosie emailed me with this question and I thought it was a great one. Do you or don't you need a bassinet? The short answer is: No, you really. don't. As I told Rosie, a stroller can be used from birth as long as it fully reclines. This is usually listed in the stroller features either as "full recline" or "can be used from birth." They mean the same thing.

If you're worried that your newborn won't be fully supported, you can purchase extra padding to ensure that he or she is nice and snug. A car seat is also a perfectly acceptable option for a newborn because, again, it's snug and supportive as well as fully reclined.

Of course as my favorite high school teacher once told me, "Need and want are entirely different things." You may decide that you want a stroller bassinet badly enough to warrant the cost. Just remember, you're baby may not know the difference but your wallet most certainly will.

2. Consider a car seat stroller instead of a travel system.

A car seat stroller is essentially a stroller frame with no seat. You can attach your car seat into the stroller to create an infant stroller. I recommend Maclaren's Easy Traveler Car Seat Stroller (shown). The aluminum frame folds compactly just like an umbrella stroller and only weights 11 lbs. Another great feature is that the basket is generously sized compared to other car seat strollers. And Maclaren's Easy Traveler retails for a mere $69.95 on!!

When it's time to go out, just fold up the frame, toss it in the trunk and tuck baby safely into his or her car seat. When you arrive at your destination all you have to do is unfold the frame, take the car seat out of the car, snap it in place, and go!The frame is compatible with most US car seats: the Britax Companion, Combi Center, Combi Connection, Combi Tyro, Costco Designer 22, Costco Eddie Bauer, Evenflo Discovery, Graco Snug Ride and Safe Seat, and the Peg Perego Primo Viaggio.

Bonus: You can put the money you saved towards a quality stroller to use once baby outgrows the car seat that will last until your child doesn't need to use a stroller anymore.

Check back for more money saving tips and stroller savings! Have a great weekend.

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