Friday, January 23, 2009

Ask Mother Goose!

A couple days ago I got a great stroller question from a reader and I thought I'd share my answer with all of you in case any of you are in a similar situation.

Parent Profile: You're a parent with older children and another baby on the way so you're looking for a stroller that's lightweight and easy to lug around. It should have a one handed fold so that you can quickly get your stroller in and out of the car with no muss or fuss. You also want to make sure you're getting the most value for your money.

If this sounds like you, here are some stroller suggestions. The following strollers weigh 20 lbs or less, feature a lightweight and attractive aluminum frame, and cost $400 or less.

Peg Perego's Pliko P3 Stroller: The Pliko P3 costs $340. It can be used from birth and can accomodate children up to 45 lbs. It has a one handed fold as well as a footboard. The footboard is great for older siblings who are still young and may need a rest from walking. This stroller is fairly light at 17 lbs and I like the fact that you can purchase an additional front bar ($20) for when you don't want to use the snack tray that comes with the stroller.

One potential drawback is that it's only compatible with Peg Perego's Primo Viaggio car seat. The Primo Viaggio is a great car seat but some people prefer other brands like Graco (or already have a car seat from a previous child) and want the option of using other car seats with their stroller.

Maclaren's Techno XLR Stroller:If you're hoping to avoid having to buy another stroller ever again, then you might like the Techno XLR which you can purchase for $350. This stroller can be used from birth with or without a car seat just like the Pliko P3. What I really like is that it can accomodate children up to 65 lbs!

Maclaren is known for their easy-to-fold strollers plus this one weighs in at a mere 16.7 lbs. This is the second lightest stroller on my list and also the one with the highest weight capacity. It's also compatible with a wide variety of car seats including the Britax Companion, Graco Snug Ride-Safe Seat and Peg Perego Primo Viaggio car seats.

Micralite's Fastfold Stroller: If weight is the biggest factor for you then you'll love the Micralite Fastfold, which retails for $330. At 14.78 lbs it's the lightest stroller on my list and stands freely when folded. And, true to its name, it's incredibly fast to fold with one hand! (you can see a demo video here) This stroller accomodates children up to 40 lbs, which isn't as much as the XLR, but is still a decent weight limit. Another important thing to keep in mind with this stroller is that it's not appropriate from birth without a car seat. A car seat adapter is available ($40) and works with either the Graco Snugride or Safe Sit car seats.

Bumbleride's Indie Stroller: If you plan to do a lot of walking or jogging with your new baby then you'll like the Indie Stroller. The front wheel locks for jogging or power walking. It can accomodate children up to 45 lbs, which is more than the Fastfold but less than the XLR. It can be used from birth without a car seat and is compatible with a wide variety of car seats including Graco, Britax, and Maxi Cosi.

Keep in mind, the Indie isn't just a great stroller for jogging--it would also make a comfortable urban stroller thanks to its easy manueverability. However at $400 it is a little pricey depending on your budget and it weighs 20 lbs. And while it's easy to fold, it takes both hands. This stroller is only worth it if you do intend to use if for some jogging or intense walking.

FYI: I based my prices on

Much thanks to Ally for a great stroller question! Remember, if you have a stroller question and you don't know who to ask, you know where to find me!

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