Thursday, July 31, 2008

Peg Perego's Duette: The Double Stroller Worth a Double Take

Now that I've been thinking about twin strollers lately, I thought I'd introduce you to another one that I've always envied: the Peg Perego Duette SW 2008 Tandem Double Stroller.

The standout feature of this double stroller is the steering wheel handle, which makes maneuvering surprisingly easy. The steering wheel has height and angle adjustments for a custom fit and great control. It even includes the option to lock the front wheels when needed. Just imagine how fun it would be to cruise through the neighborhood, steering around the mailman and attracting all sorts of attention. I know I have.

You can put two Peg Perego Primo Viaggio Car Seats in this stroller at one time, which is another reason I love the Duette. Having the option to use both car seats is so important for parents of twins, and I'm always a little surprised at the double strollers that can only accomodate one car seat at a time. Of course, if you only wanted to use one car seat and have your other child in the stroller seat, you could do that, too.

Another great feature of this stroller is that both the stroller seats and Primo Viaggio car seats can be set into the chassis facing forward, facing backward, or facing each other. So on days when your twins are more interested in each other than the outside world, face them towards each other. And on those days when they want to see what's going on around them face them forwards. Face them towards you when you want to keep an eye on them!

The Duette SW 2008 Tandem Double Stroller includes the chassis (otherwise known as the frame), two stroller seats, two hoods and two warm boots. Purchase two Primo Viaggio Car Seats and you've got everything you need to get you and the twins out of the house and cruising the neighborhood in warm or cold weather. And of course with this stroller, you'll want to make that neighborhood loop at least once a day to show off both the twins and your fabulously stylish double stroller!

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Shania said...

I completely agree on this piece of information. Myself and Ron have also bought a Double Stroller from and their smile indicate how cozy and comfortable they are in the stroller. This stroller always runs very smooth, no matter in what direction you are pushing it. Whether sideways or backwards it is a smooth ride all the time!!! Ron and myself cherish this travel safe moment with our kids.