Friday, June 13, 2008

Mutsy's Fabulous 4Rider

Yesterday I got to play around with a couple of Mutsy strollers. I told you about the Slider in a previous post, so I thought I'd tell you about the other stroller I saw: the 4Rider.

The 4Rider comes in two styles: lightweight or single spoke. This refers to the wheels. Everything else about the stroller remains the same. The 4Rider Light has lightweight, foam-filled wheels. The Single Spoke 4Rider(shown) has air-filled, single-spoke wheels, which make it about 4 pounds heavier but give it a very unique look.

Like the Slider, the 4Rider has a very airy, sleek design. I could keep talking about how good looking this stroller is, but I want to tell you about some of its amazing features as well.

For starters, it folds so easily. I've seen a lot of stroller demonstrations and this one really impressed me. In two simple moves the stroller was folded up on the ground with no loud cracking noises that would make me think I'd broken the thing. And it can be folded with the bassinet or seat in it!

Let's talk about the bassinet. It has several zippered pockets around the outside, which are perfect for little essentials that you want to keep within easy reach. They just melt right into the design. Very cool. The bassinet also sits very high so that, similar to a Stokke Xplory, you can be close to your baby as you go about town. If your baby falls asleep while in the bassinet, you can remove it with the carrying strap, bring it inside, and set it down (it has feet to keep it upright) without ever disturbing your baby.

The seat fully reclines and can be moved forwards or backwards to adjust the seat depth for a customized fit. You can check on your baby thanks to the window in the generous hood. The window can be hidden with a velcroed panel. Some strollers have nixed the hood window because they felt it disrupted the design. I think Mutsy has found a great way to compromise. And really that's what Mutsy is all about: the compromise between attractive design and practical functionality.

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