Thursday, May 1, 2008

What's New for Maclaren in 2008?

I've been a fan of Maclaren for a while now and I like what they've done with their 2008 strollers. The most obvious changes are in the colors and patterns, but they've also added some new features such as a carrying strap for the Quest 2008 Stroller and sleek new wheels across the board. The basic frames remain the same but that's fine with me. Why change a good thing? You can learn more about the new 2008 strollers over at Spilling the Beans.

Maclaren fans may be wondering what new designer strollers Maclaren has unveiled for 2008. For starters, there is a new, French-inspired black and white striped Kate Spade 2008 Biarritz Ryder Stroller (though I don't like it quite as much as her navy and green Kate Spade Quest 2007 Pippin Park Stroller).

The big news is that Lacoste has designed the Lacoste 2008 Ryder Stroller for Maclaren complete with the iconic green alligators and even a matching white polo and hat for your child. If you live in the Hamptons, or just wish you did, this is the stroller for you! It's very preppy and very cute.

This past weekend I was in Nantucket and I saw Maclarens literally everywhere! I wasn't surprised: when traveling, parents need a reliable, affordable umbrella stroller (and of course Maclarens are stylish, too). The 2008 Volo Stroller (shown), with its sporty new look, is a great option. At only 8.6 pounds, it's one of the most lightweight aluminum frame strollers on the market, which is perfect when you're rushing through an airport or amusement park. The one-hand umbrella fold and carrying strap are lifesavers when you're on the go. Plus, this compact stroller doesn't skimp on safety features, including a 5 point harness to keep your child secure.

If you're not sure what stroller is right for you, check out our handy Helpful Hints for Purchasing the Perfect Stroller! And browse all of Maclaren's Strollers at!

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