Friday, May 2, 2008

B.O.B. Strollers: Not Just for Jogging

I just got back from a great training session with Scot from B.O.B. Strollers and now I'm even more excited about B.O.B.!

It's true that I often wax poetic (or try to) about some of the fussier, fancier strollers out there, like the Balmoral Pram or Bugaboo Cameleon. Those are for the times when I'm imagining that I'm a glam, urban mom, navigating the city with a designer diaper bag and a child that never ever spills on her cashmere sweater.

But there are also times when I imagine I'm the kind of fit, peppy mom that takes her kid for jogs around town and hikes on the weekend--and looks really good doing it. What I learned today was that B.O.B. strollers aren't just for jogging--they're versatile, too.

In particular, I would say that the Revolution is the most versatile of B.O.B.'s strollers. This versatility is thanks to two big features: it's car seat adaptable and has a swiveling front wheel. Many popular car seat brands such as Graco and Peg Perego work with this stroller, which means you can use your B.O.B. from infancy. It also means you can easily move your child from car to stroller and be on the go without waking him or her up!

The swiveling front wheel is a really cool feature because it gives you great manueverability when you need it (sidewalks, grocery store, etc.), or you can lock the front wheel in place and jog, run, hike, or (insert fun outdoor activity here) with ease.

Be advised: this is not "just a jogging stroller"! Celebrities are already catching on! Angela at Celebrity Baby Blog reported that both Bridget Moynahan and Sheryl Crowe stroll around town with their Revolution strollers.

I was also really surprised by how well this stroller folds. It does take two hands, but it folds smoothly and quickly. Ditto for unfolding it. The main adjustable parts of the stroller (like the ones needed to fold or unfold it) are made in red, so they're easy to find. I've heard rave reviews of the optional HandleBar Console, too, which holds water and has a zippered pocket for essentials like keys, pacifiers, and an ipod!

Finally, I was really impressed with the attention to detail and safety that B.O.B. puts into their strollers. It's clear that this company is devoted to building safe strollers for active parents and kids, and isn't going to cut any corners doing it. They've also got a handy guide to help you figure out which B.O.B. stroller is right for you.

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