Friday, May 23, 2008

Silver Cross: British Invation!

I realize that I just blogged about Silver Cross in my previous post, but yesterday I had the chance to test out some of their lightweight strollers and I couldn't resist telling you all about it!

I got up close and personal with both the Micro and the Pop. Both are really nice, elegant lightweight strollers. Similar in size, the Pop is slightly lighter by a few pounds. The Pop also has a one-handed adjustment system to lower your baby into a sleeping position. Thanks to this, the Pop is suitable for babies as young as 4 months (babies should wait 6 months before taking a ride in the Micro), since the seat can be reclined all the way down.

Both have a very compact fold. I found them to be similar to the Maclaren Techno in this respect, although I will say that I preferred Silver Cross to Maclaren when it came to unfolding the stroller. I just felt that the way the Silver Cross strollers unfolded was a little smoother and less startling than Maclaren.

I played around with the Micro and Pop and both have comfortable handles and felt light and easy to push. And though I'm not good with hand-eye coordination, I managed to fold them up fairly easily on the first try. Both feature water-resistant and UV protected fabric, which makes them ideal for family trips that might require lots of walking or standing in long lines in the glaring sun (Disney World, anyone?). In fact, the Micro even comes with its own stroller bag, which is very handy at the airport.

The Micro and Pop may not be as drool-worthy as their siblings the Kensington and Balmoral Prams, but they've got everything parents could want from a lightweight stroller, packaged up in two simple, classy designs. To take a closer look at all of Silver Cross' strollers, visit

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