Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday Night News

I'm very happy to report that Phil & Ted's Strollers are now available at!

Phil & Ted's are best known for the optional Double Kit that lets you attach a toddler seat to your single stroller. They're a great option for parents with two little ones or for parents who like the plan ahead and know that they're going to need a double stroller eventually. My current crush is the Vibe Stroller (shown) because it's oh so sexy with its black and red design. Plus, it can fold up with the double seat attached!!
(Pause while I let this sink in)

Yes, it really can. You can see it fold up frame by frame here (select "fold" in the right margin). I emit a gleeful giggle every time I watch this.

More exciting news to come next week! And please be sure to vote in my poll (right margin.)

Also, I'm running a sweet little giveaway on Monday that I'm really excited about. It's perfect for expectant moms so be sure to drop by Monday for that!


AEO said...

Love this stroller! And I love that there are double strollers out there that fold up. Awesome post- I've starred it for future reference!

Mother Goose said...

Thanks, AEO! I've seen a Vibe stroller in Boston twice now and it's very eye catching!