Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bugaboo Bee Recall

Hi everyone. I don't normally post this late, but I was just reading one of my favorite blogs Daddy Types and learned that Bugaboo is issuing a recall for the Bee.

Apparently one or both sides of the brakes can fail, which can cause the stroller to roll away on an incline. So far, no injuries have been reported. I don't think this warrants total panic, but it's important for Bee owners to be aware of this problem and to get their Bugaboo-issued repair kit as soon as possible in order to avoid any possible problems.

You can read more on the CPSC's site here.

According to the CPSC: "Consumers should stop using the strollers immediately and contact Bugaboo to receive a free repair kit. To order the bracket kit, go to www.bugaboo.com and fill in the special order form or contact Bugaboo customer service."

Please pass this on to any Bee owners you know!

Stroll Safely!

Mother Goose


Night Owl Mama said...

I don't know anyone but if I spot a owner while i'm out I'll be sure to tell them thanks

Shanathalas said...

I have a Bee and am glad someone let me know about the recall. That being said, I never rely solely on the brakes if I'm on an incline.