Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Random Rant: Moms Should be Models

Dear Stroller Manufacturers,

You mean the world to me, you really do. My addiction would be impossible without you. So I hope you understand that this is coming straight from my heart when I say:

What is wrong with your photographer?!?!?! Or art director or whoever it is that's in charge of your photo shoots?

I am SO SICK of looking at pictures of real strollers, holding real babies being pushed by....barely legal, six foot tall, perfectly coifed, 100 pound models!!

I understand that you're appealing to our fantasies. That's why your photoshoots also tend to look like they were taken at some villa in Italy. Because deep down all of us (apparently) wish we were barely legal, six foot tall, perfectly coifed, 100 pound models living in Italy with our smiling babies and our tall, dark, handsome husbands. At the very least I don't think many of us would complain if that were the case.

But you know what? We don't. And it's getting ridiculous. Some of these models are gingerly holding the babies or smiling down at them as if they've never even SEEN a baby before let alone a cheeseburger. And maybe they haven't.

Obviously you had to hire some sweet baby to model your stroller. Next time how about you hire that baby's REAL mom for your photoshoot. You probably had to fly her to Italy with you anyway so why not give her a blow out and a manicure for free? I guarantee she will sell that stroller for you like no one else and the smile on her and her baby's face will be totally genuine.

Mother Goose


MLG said...

Oh Mother Goose...thank you, thank you, thank you! I am having one of those days and was flipping through a parenting magazine earlier looking for an article I had read the other night and felt the exact same same way. I wish someone would show a real mom with spit up and baby food stains on her shirt. Perhaps the barely legal, six foot, model would look slightly better if she had food stains, small bags under her eyes and if her tan wasn't quite so perfect! If ABSOLUTELY necessarey for the model, at least show a screaming child with food all over his/her face, a little snot, and perhaps mismatched shoes!!

Mother Goose said...

I agree, I think the barely legal, six foot model would look much better with food stains and eyebags. Then she'd be a woman we could all relate to. And really, can you ever go wrong with a little snot? I don't think so.

Anonymous said...

The mothers should have messy ponytails, typical mom clothes looking worn out as can be!

Mother Goose said...

Agreed. And if the stroller still manages to make that mom look relatively calm and put together then we KNOW that's the kind of stroller a real mom needs.

Stroller_Snob said...

Please! Let's not forget Inglesina:

... Or Zooper:

Laugh or cry, laugh or cry? Laugh!

Mother Goose said...

Haha, I will choose to laugh. In the Zooper image the "mom" looks as though she's about to kidnap the child and take her back to the mother ship. Thanks for sharing those great examples!