Thursday, May 7, 2009

More Good News for the SOS

(SOS = Stroller Obsessed Support Group)

I'm excited to announce that today I finalized another exciting stroller giveaway! Yes, I did say stroller. I will be giving away another stroller in June! What is it? Ooooh no, you're not going to trick me into telling you. You can't pull a fast one on Mother Goose.

Wait a second! Mini Joy, what are you doing here? heart me?? Really?? And...and my giveaways, too? Oh Mini Joy that's so sweet! In that case let me tell you all about the next stroller I'm giving a---

Wait. Wait just one second. You tried to trick me with your cuteness! Well, it's not going to work! You will just have to wait and find out soon with everyone else, you cute, clever baby.

In the meantime, everyone, don't forget to enter into my fantastic giveaway for a Toro Stroller!! The giveaway ends tomorrow night at 6 PM! Check back here on Monday to find out who won.

More giveaways are coming soon--because Mother Goose hearts all of you! And I really mean that.


Joy said...

Hehehe. She does try to outsmart you with cuteness. Just today she was trying to convince me that the pillow (pictured) was supposed to be in the dishwasher. She was carrying it around, as usual, and kept trying to plop it in there while I was emptying it. Sneaky baby.

Mommy Joy

Mother Goose said...

Hehe somehow that does not surprise me!

MLG said...

Oh Mother made my days. It's scary how obsessed and excited I am over this stroller giveaway. Another???? Oh YAY! Have a great day.

Mother Goose said...

MLG, you definitely deserve to be a card carrying member of the SOS!! (No, there are technically no cards...yet. But I might need to make some soon.) Glad I could make your day!

AEO said...

Wow! That's super nice and people are getting super lucky if they are involved with your blog. I will definitely be referring your site to all my friends. I've learned so much in the past three weeks since I've been reading!

Anonymous said...

haha! Adorable Pic! I gotta agree with Mini-Joy! I love stroller give aways too! BUT, I have question mother goose-- Perhaps I am not looking in the right spot, but do you also review other products like say, highchairs for example? I just bought two of them, and I'm not too sure I want to keep them. Can you point me to anything? Thanks either way!

Mother Goose said...

Hi The Best Things Come in Twos, sorry I took so long to respond to this! I actually ran another blog called Baby This, Baby That ( where I reviewed baby products. But my stroller obsession took over and I put that blog to rest for a while.

However, it's still up and you can do a search to see if I've reviewed the high chairs you've got. If I haven't feel free to send me an email ( and I'll let you know what I think!