Friday, February 13, 2009

I Love You Too, Maclaren...

In honor of Valentine's Day I felt I had to blog about the "I Love You" Maclaren Quest Stroller designed by Lulu Guiness.

I will confess: I am not always a huge Lulu Guiness fan but I do think this stroller is really cute. The black background and bright colors keep the "I Love You" print from getting too cloying even though the sentiment is a bit presh. The more I look at it...the more I, well, *love* it!

Plus, it's got all of those great Maclaren features I love. You can use it from 3 months (not birth--no car seat adapter and it can't fully recline though it does have 4 recline positions) up to 55 lbs--which should definitely get you through toddlerdom. It's got a lovely, lightweight aluminum frame and Maclaren's quintessential one hand, compact umbrella fold.

There's even a carry strap plus the canopy, which has a storage pockets for those little essentials, tilts for better sun protection. All this adds up to one very stylish, unique stroller that's perfect for winter vacations to some place sunny.

And plus, umm, did I mention it's really really cute? What's with me today? I guess I'm just feeling the love!

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