Monday, November 17, 2008

UppaBaby's Vista Stroller: New Colors for 2009

Uppa Baby has unveiled their new Vista 2009 Stroller colors! These aren't exactly earth-shattering changes but...let's just say those of you who voted that silver would be the stroller color of 2009 will be pleased and those of you who voted for purple will be...less than pleased.

For 2008, the Vista Stroller came in red, black, green, orange, and purple. It still comes in the same black, red, and green (with a slicker look thanks to some 2009 updates in the design!). Now, however, instead of orange and purple you can choose from bright blue or silver.

I'm a big fan of the silver. It's not too metallic and I think it looks very modern. You could have a lot of fun dressing it up with a cute stroller blanket--maybe something from DwellStudio (They're new blanket in Dragonfly Petal would be perfect for a girl!). The blue is also cute. It's light and bright--a great color for all seasons.

Personally, I wish they'd punched up the purple instead of discontinuing it. I'm a fan of purple these days. The green doesn't thrill me but I suppose it's nice and gender neutral. (You can tell, I'm sure, that I wish they'd nixed the green and kept the purple!)

I should also tell you that while the most obvious changes to the Vista Stroller are aesthetic, they have given it a much larger canopy for better sun protection and they increased the maximum weight from 40 to 50 pounds. Earth-lovers out there (hopefully all of you) will also appreciate that they've made Vista's bassinet organic! It's fully lined with a blend of cotton and soybean fiber: a hygienic alternative to synthetic fabrics that's good for the earth and your baby's sensitive skin. You can learn more about how UppaBaby is thinking green, here.

So tell me: which color do you like the best?

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