Thursday, September 25, 2008

Stroller Liners Keep Baby Warm and Cozy

Well, according to the calendar and the temperature, it's officially Fall and that means crisp, windy strolls with your baby. A Stroller Liner is a great way to keep baby snuggly no matter how chilly the day or evening.

Stroller Liners line the stroller seat to add extra warmth and cushioning. They don't offer as much coverage as a footmuff so they're perfect for Fall and Spring when a footmuff might be too heavy. They're also great for warmer climates where an entire footmuff just isn't necessary, even in Winter.

Another reason to consider a Stroller Liner is that it's great for squirmy babies that like to move around as much as possible. Your baby won't feel constrained as she might with a footmuff and she won't be able to kick it off like she would with a Stroller Blanket.

Finally, stroller liners tend to come with a much lower price tag than footmuffs, which one can't help but appreciate at the moment.

I like B.O.B.'s White Warm Stroller Fuzzy. It's easily inserted into any stroller's seat (single or double stroller) thanks to Velcro at the openings and it's made of thick fleece and padded quilting. The design covers the entire stroller seat like a blanket but without the hassle.

Or, if you're looking for a serious deal, try Dreamer Design's Shearling Insert (shown). Made of synthetic shearling, this stroller liner will keep your baby snuggled up for a mere $20!

What does your baby prefer on chilly strolls: a footmuff, stroller blanket, or stroller liner?

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