Monday, September 29, 2008

Schwinn: A Smooth Ride For Serious Runners

If you're a runner looking for a jogging stroller that can keep up with you, look no further than Schwinn's Free Runner Collection.

The Free Runner Stroller really stands out in the crowd thanks to its sleek design, generous canopy, and sporty colors (Orange shown). Not surprisingly, the design is reminiscent of a bicycle. A sturdy steel frame, rear suspesion, and large 16-inch wheels guarantee that the stroller will travel smoothly over paths and dirt roads. Think of it like a road bike: it's built for lightness and speed rather than rough terrain (for off roading you'd want 20" wheels, the stroller equivalent of a mountain bike).

Relax and enjoy the ride knowing baby is tucked safely in his seat. A five-point harness and handbrake keep kids safe in case of an abrupt stop. There's also a tether so that if you happen to trip, your baby and stroller won't go rolling away from you (and potentially into a street or other dangerous area). Plus, the front wheel is fixed unlike some jogging strollers, which feature a front wheel that can be locked or unlocked. The benefit of a permanently fixed front wheel is that there will be no wiggle as there sometimes is with a locked front wheel. The lack of wiggle makes for an even smoother run or walk. The only drawback is that a stroller with a fixed wheel is less easy to maneuver in tight places such as the mall or supermarket. That's why I really recommend this stroller for serious runners and hikers.

This stroller is designed for children 6 months or older and is available as a Single or Double Stroller. The seat does recline and features an integrated seat pad to keep baby comfortable. Mesh venting in the rear helps keep baby cool during long walks or jogs and the tinted canopy visor will protect him from the sun.

You can store a fleece, water bottle, energy bar, keys, and other workout essentials in several places: an under the seat storage basket, a behind the seat storage basket, and even a parent tray. Then when you and baby are ready to head home, just scoop up baby in one hand and fold the stroller with the other. You and baby will be in the car and on the go in no time.

Not sure If the Free Runner is right for you? You can learn more from our Jogging Strollers Buying Guide.

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